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Andrea Valeria

Vlogger/Content Creator
it's a Travel O.D.

Meet Andrea Valeria.

A former TV news reporter, Andrea took a risk and transitioned her side hustle into her dream job of full-time travel vlogging (video blogging) an living as a digital nomad. Having been featured in publications like Forbes, Andrea began monetizing her ideas, and is an expert at helping others do the same. Through her online coaching video calls, which she calls "Pick My Brain" sessions, she has crafted digital marketing campaign for artists, social media content concepts for companies, and has helped creative entrepreneurs launch their digital projects.

From helping an aspiring wedding planner launch her business to leveling up the Instagram captions & stories of online creators, you will learn from Andrea that your time is money, your ideas can be worth a lot to others, and how you can self market to position yourself as an expert on whatever field you may work on.

She’s a pro at helping others push past the fear of finding ways to expand their businesses and brands. As an author of the book “So You Want To Vlog?”, and a professional consultant to budding entrepreneurs across a variety of industries, she’s always excited to share her expertise. With a sense of humor and a dose of encouragement, she can help you find your voice and get your message out into the world through your own presence.