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What Is Vaera?


In 2014 I quit my job.

Well, that’s not not exactly true. In 2014 I was asked to leave my job. I had been working as a travel writer at a magazine in New York City for six years. As I got older and starting coming into my own as a writer, I saw that the growth opportunities were not exactly what I wanted for myself. I started freelancing for other magazines and websites as part of a side hustle, and as an outlet for pent up creative frustration. My employer wasn't completely jazzed with the extracurricular work I had taken on, so I was given a choice: stay on staff and never freelance, or go freelance full time.

It wasn’t much of a choice. I was gone.


Since then I have been a travel writer. I’ve touched more than 45 countries, lived in Mexico, backpacked Southeast Asia, seen the highest luxury of the world at decadent five-star hotels, but have also been humbled between paychecks as I'm forced to live off of canned tuna. I’ve used nickels found in my sofa to pay for metro fare, and I've sucked back oysters paired with champagne. I've jumped off cliffs, done bad drugs, fallen in love, and about everything in between. It's been a wild ride. I have seen the world.

And I did it through a career that I built for myself. But this was just my journey - my purpose project. In my travels I've met so many strong, motivated women entrepreneurs, from artists, writers and photographers, to fashion designers, travel advisors, and tech geniuses. What they all had in common was that they were all self starters. They all took the leap and created a life they used to be envious of. 

For me, and my co-founder, Melanie, there could be no greater gift than to help other passionate, motivated women live their own dreams by creating the careers they have always envisioned for themselves. Meet Vaera Journeys - a retreat travel company that help women take their personal and professional goals to the next level by helping them explore a project that gives them purpose. It brings together inspiring women with transformation through travel, allowing creative discussion, education with a guest speaker who is already a successful entrepreneur, in depth destination exploration, and more. Yes, there are yoga retreats and surf retreats and blogging retreats. But there are no retreat-style trips designed specifically for women who want to leave their jobs, find their purpose, and become their own bosses.

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Meagan Drillinger