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What's Your Purpose?


There are some career benefits that are greater than gold. What that means exactly may vary from woman to woman. But there are certain aspects of the jobs we have chosen or created that we cannot breathe without. They give us our purpose. For me, it’s the ability to call anywhere my office - to call anywhere my home. There are some place that, no matter how long you’ve been away, always feel like home. I’ve been fortunate enough to discover a few of these places in my travels, but one in particular is closest to my heart. For the next month I’ll be camping out in Puerto Escondido, a sleepy beach town on Mexico’s Oaxacan coast, where stress factors are non-existent and it seems that people are all out of cares to give. It’s heaven. 

It’s one of those rare towns where authenticity and tourism seem to gel in harmony. Aussie surfers crush waves at dawn, while proprietors still speak first to patrons in Spanish only. By night, beachside surf bars with sandy floors and thatched roofs crank out Reggaton as French Canadians and Israelis sip mezcal, while Oaxaquena women grill up delicious tlayudas on open, charcoal grills outside the local mini mart. I love this place. And I am lucky enough that my job goes on business as usual here, so long as the wifi holds out. 


I am staying at Hotel Aqua Luna, the creation of Australian expat Clive and his Mexican wife, Adriana. The two opened this hotel as a haven for surfers and the perpetual chasers of chill. A small amount of rooms, some with kitchens for long-term stays, cluster around a central pool and snack area with pool table. The rooftop has a small jacuzzi and lounge chairs for catching the sunset, which is always stunning in this corner of the world.

The main drag, Calle El Morro, is a single stretch with tacky surf shops, boutiques, cafes, and, of course, beach bars. The beach itself, Playa Zicatela, is massively wide with waves that are legendary throughout the world. 


It’s difficult to describe the magic of this place without experiencing it for yourself. I’ve made lifelong friends here in lightning fast amounts of time. Kindred spirits seem to find each other in this place. Once it touches your heart, you’re forever changed, and it’s very difficult to ever envision going back to who you once were.

What work benefit gives you your purpose? For some of us it’s wealth, others it’s status, others it’s hitting benchmarks like Forbes’ 30 Under 30. No matter what gives you purpose, you should be able to provide it for yourself. That’s what we at Vaera are all about! 

Meagan Drillinger