Vaera Journeys


The Power of Collaboration


We talk a lot about the necessity of collaboration when it comes to building your business. But if words are not enough, take a look at this incredibly rewarding proof of concept.

A few months ago I was interviewed for The Offbeat Life podcast, about what it's like to be a freelance writer. After that interview, the host, Debbie Arcangeles joined Vaera's inaugural retreat, where she was able to meet and connect with other women to interview on future episodes. After my podcast episode aired, one listener was so inspired that she is now in the works of launching her own freelance career.

Debbie, moved by this, decided to launch a new series where listeners come onto the show to interview past participants and ask them deeper questions to help get their own passions started. The listener, Angelina, and I were the first people to be part of the new series, and I could not be more thrilled or honored. Listen to the podcast here.

And stay tuned because Debbie did a similar episode with Joni Sweet, another Vaera traveler.

If that's not a sign that women helping women help us all get to the top, I don't know what is. 

Meagan Drillinger