Vaera Journeys


Accepting Help is Not a Sign of Weakness


For every successful woman, there is someone behind her who has tried to cut her down.

This happened to me just a few weeks ago. Someone said to me, “You would be nothing without me.” I was in shock. It took all of my strength to keep the bubbling rage from spilling out of my ears and allowing my Italian temper to erupt out of me and spew into the air. This person did, in fact, help me in my career solely by the fact that he opened a couple of doors to me for my freelance career. But what he failed to acknowledge is that after the doors were opened, I walked myself through and everything that came after was entirely my own.


People help people. Collaboration, networking, bonding - we’ve said these words a hundred times in the founding of Vaera Journeys. These are what help businesses and brands grow, thrive, and eventually pay it forward to other brand new businesses and brands. Accepting assistance, allowing someone to help you open a door does not take away from the hard work you have to do to get yourself to stand out among the rest. Doors are open to everyone. Only a select few have the skills, passion, and drive to walk through. And then the best ones turn around and open the same doors to someone else.

Your work is yours. Be proud of that. If someone offers to help you get ahead and you accept, that does not diminish the work you have done. This is how we all rise to the top — because there is room for everyone and anyone who has the desire to succeed and help others in the process. Life is hard enough. If someone is offering to make it a little easier that does not take away the rest of the hard work you still have to do. 

Meagan Drillinger