Vaera Journeys

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Testimonials from past attendees!

Grace Leeming

Vaera Journeys… where do I start?

I had just come from a 200hr yoga teacher training course in Belize where I had worked through a lot of things and decided I was ready to take the next step on my journey but I didn’t quite know how too… In comes the Vaera Journeys retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico which provided me with the space I needed to do this. Being surrounded by these beautiful, inspiring and empowering women was the best thing I could have done for myself because it gave me that extra push I needed to pursue my purpose project. 

I learnt an extensive amount of useful information in the short time we had together. I created a new family there, one I will never forget because we now have a community where we can ask each other for help and advice whenever we need it. A community that can help keep me accountable so that I stay true to myself and my purpose in line with my goals that we all set whilst there.

If you already have a business but need a little more direction in a specific area or even if you don’t know what you want to do, Vaera Journeys Retreats are a great way to bring that passion to life, or even revive your existing business. I honestly didn’t 100% know what I wanted to do until I did this retreat. Now I have the necessary tools I require that were provided to me from these knowledgeable women, most who have learnt how to do these things the hard way, on their own! However they love to share this knowledge with everyone, which is so rewarding and I am so grateful for Vaera Journeys for providing this to me and others. 

I highly recommend this retreat to any woman feeling slightly lost out there, who needs some direction and support. Meagan Drillinger, the founder of Vaera Journeys is a passionate inspiring woman who has done wonders for us all by providing this creative, empowering space for us to utilize. If you have the chance please partake in one of these retreats… or two or three. The investment is well worth spending on yourself. You won’t regret it!!!