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Your Purpose Project

Your Purpose Project

Your Purpose Project

The Journey continues long after we return home.

By joining a Vaera Journey, you gain insider access to our private network of contacts. On each Journey we help you to create your three- and six-month goals for your Purpose Projects, which we then follow up with you on during check-in calls after the trips. 

As you work to achieve the goals set to give life to your Purpose Projects, we are available to help you see it through, from connecting you with the right people to offering guidance and support. Vaera Journeys is not just about brainstorming with a beautiful backdrop. It’s about building a community and helping each woman create a career that gives her purpose. 


Elena Ollick

Join us in Spring 2019 with Elena Ollick, owner of Daily Mom (, and founder of Every Avenue Life ( Elena will lead three Mastermind Sessions during our retreat, as well as offer one-on-one coaching tailored to each woman’s Purpose Project. A serial entrepreneur, Elena began her first business at age 16. Focused on amassing as much knowledge as possible, not afraid of failure, she has since owned numerous businesses over the last 15 years, some of which are still active today, some that were successfully sold and others that became learning experiences. 


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